Vancouver Washington

When looking for interior decorators Vancouver, you’ll want someone with excellent design skills, who can deliver promptly, and within the agreed upon budget. Proud to serve the Portland, Oregon metro communities on the Washington State side of the Columbia River, Salazar Custom Interiors will guide you every step of the way to transform your home into the comfortable, unique and beautiful space you’ve always desired.

Home design comes in many different forms- it can involve transforming a space by changing every element to fully realize a space’s potential or it can take a more subtle approach. Properly accessorizing your space to give it a unique feel is a great way to add personality without detracting from other existing elements. The right flooring can enhance your rooms; a well-placed area rug can really tie the room together. Revisiting the design and layout of furniture can change a previously cluttered room into a space that is open, inviting, and a joy to be in. Windows should be treated much like accessories added to the room. Custom window treatments compliment your rooms, lending the space an extra degree of elegance and comfort. Our shopping services can make procurement of furniture and accent pieces enjoyable and stress free. We have years of experience and fantastic sources to the trade so we can find the right custom items for the right price.

interior decorators vancouver WANothing changes a room as drastically as superior paint design. Are you looking for paint to bring out the natural elegance of your architecture? Maybe you want to provide a beautiful backdrop to your preexisting furniture and accessories? Enhance your space through the cunning use of color? The options are limitless and we can guide you to make the best possible choices to support your desires while maximizing the space’s potential.

We use the Wecora design tool to keep our clients involved in the process from start to finish. During the process, the selection board is where the client and decorator can share suggestions and vision. Once the different elements are chosen, they are added to the storyboard so a complete picture can be created for the space. This tool makes the process more collaborative and efficient.

For the realtor or homeowner needing a real estate staging consultation, we specialize in “sell your home fast” consultations, which make your property very appealing to homebuyers in no time at all. Through our thorough uation of the property, you’ll be alerted to potential issues buyers may be turned off by, told how to improve the general allure of the space, and given suggestions on the best way to present the property. There is no question that a decorator’s touch makes selling a home easier and more profitable.

Pleased to offer our services in Clark County, for your interior decorators Vancouver needs, Salazar Custom Interiors will maximize the pleasure and usability of your home in ways you’ve never imagined. Contact us today, so we can help you live in what you love.