Camas Washington

For interior decorators Camas Washington has a high demand.  This beautiful mill town, in the eastern hills of Clark County, booms with new business and new industry. With its proximity to Portland, Oregon, this area will continue to thrive for the foreseeable future. It’s time to treat yourself to the alluring and comfortable living space you’ve always dreamed of. We are available to handle every aspect of the design process, from consultation to procurement to implementation. Salazar Custom Interiors will help you create a customized and timeless look and feel for your home.

Our custom design services in Camas, Washington, can be used to dramatically impact every aspect of your home for a full transformation or can be used a-la-carte to address specific elements to change the look and feel of your room(s). Sometimes sprucing up a space is as simple as changing the custom window treatments. Often overlooked, windows and the way they are displayed can greatly alter the appearance of the room. Adding and highlighting special accessories can change the focal point and help tie the room together. The incorrect layout of furniture can obstruct flow and leave a space feeling closed or less inviting.Interior Decorators Camas WA

Paint design is one of least expensive yet most dramatic changes you can make. It can highlight the architectural features of a room as well as affect the size and feel of the space. Flooring is another way that you can inject some life into a room. Old or low quality flooring will detract from other aspects of your space, whereas the right flooring will only enhance the rest of the design elements.

Salazar Custom Interiors proudly uses the design tool by Wecora, which makes the process much more collaborative. Both the client and the decorator can add ideas for color changes, accessories, furniture and more, to the selection board in order to keep the vision for the space streamlined. Once items are approved, all chosen pieces can be displayed together on a storyboard. Envisioning a space before you act has never been easier. We have developed relationships with numerous industry trade sources which makes shopping for your custom look more enjoyable, efficient and less costly than if you were to shop for the pieces on your own.

For clients in Camas in need of a real estate staging expert, we offer a “sell your home fast” consultation. We can guide you on how to maximize your home’s potential while avoiding common pitfalls in showing a home.

Now is a great time to reach out to the premiere interior decorators Camas and live in the space you have always wanted. Contact Salazar Custom Interiors for all of your Southwest Washington area home makeover needs.